Dating according to astrological signs

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...I'm a pisces and I've been with a Leo, so I've liked what they had to recommend. But I've been thinking aboutseeing like 5 or more signs just to try everything out in this book.Should I let my partners know I'm dating more than two people.All the pisces women I knew at that time, were caught up with how important it was, for them to experiment on all other humans, as though we were all specimens in their personal laboratory. And they all completely failed to recognize that sexual experimentation with lots of different people, didn't inform them in any way whatsoever that they thought that it did.Anyway, if you want to really do some sort of experiment with "sex around the Zodiac," and have it be more than a whimsical way to try each position out with a different partner, I'd suggest you instead have at least twelve sexual experiences with each one, and find out whether there really WAS any connection between signs and positions.SSC (safe, sane, consensual), RACK (risk aware consensual kink) and PRICK (personal responsibility, informed consensual kink) in particular emphasizes the concept of taking personal responsibility for your actions, as well as an informed analysis of the risks.. No, you don't name names, just "one of my partners has HSV2, this is what we are doing to minimize contact, these are your risks of contracting it, here's a number for more information, I'm here to talk with you about this more if you want that". If you can convince someone to believe in astrology, then you're pretty good at that, and can probably convince them to have anal sex with you, too. I have heard I match Gemini to tee but was never curious enough to check it out.

It does give me an idea for if I ever do find a mate, for some " what if" games to play together.

I lost interest in it, as I decided that it was one of many "tools" to deal with people and events, which actually served more to get in the way, and obscure or limit the more informative direct experience of reality.

But ironically, when I last paid it mind (back when I was vastly younger), I noted that Pisces were unto Leo, as Arsenic is unto Life.

I mean, when ever we agree to an open relationship we never talk numbers, so open means open right? Everyone wears condoms, uses gloves, uses dental dams. Emotionless and clinical or passionate and sensual tbh :)as an astrologer I can tell you that where love and sex are concerned, Mars and Venus in our charts need to be compatible. I understand how one goes about deciding that someone is DEFINITELY good or bad in bed, but how does someone end up on the "probably" list?

It's just that I'm used to only seeing one more and maybe I should let them know if I'm seeing a few more. the ETHICAL thing if you are planning on non-monogamy relationships with multiple people, is to be honest about what you are doing. Within the kink community there are acronyms that help govern our actions. You can't follow them if you are not aware of the risks involved, and when you are dating multiple people, there ARE risks. Everyone is aware of the presence of others in your life and in your bed (if that's the case). If one partner has an existing incurable STI, that information needs to be shared so that the others can decide for themselves if they wish to remain involved with you or not. Venus is in retrograde, Mars is aligned with Jupiter, so it's time for me to take Sa-turn in Uranus! I have no clue what it says about sex and astrology but I am curious now.

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