Dating after a vastectomy

That is just downright cruel and would complete eradicate any trust in the that's why "wtf" is still single, jdub and let's just hope he's being sarcastic....... Think of how many feelings have developed and are now going to be hurt because this information was withheld.

Personally, I've had my kids and I'm done having kids so dating a guy who's had his stuff clipped isn't going to bother me in the least bit.

Even 10 years ago after I was divorced and 28, I still wouldn't have been bothered by it.

I made a decision after my 2nd was born that I was done having kids and that was at 22.

In fact there is a new birth control with the promise of reducing menstral cycles to four a year plus it helps clear up acne. Let's face it, if your gullable to believe that you will dtermine when you will become a father based on what a woman says to you then I would rather be safe then get strapped into 18 years of child support but you go ahead and trust a womans word. Men these days have absolutely no rights when it comes to fertility. Let us say the couple has that so called completely honest conversation and the consensus is neither wants to be a parent. And what gaurantee do you have that you will be nothing but a weekend babysitter when she moved on to find someone else? If you're going to have sex with anyone at any stage I can't see any reason for not telling them you've had a vasectomy from the get go - like what's the big secret?

If there was a potential for you wanting kids, wouldn't you want to know from the outset if she had a hysterectomy.

And obviously your plan is to make them so insensitive to being lied to because they stuck it out with you for a year that now you can tell them or have them do anything with no integrity and it's OK?

What conceptualization of being a man does that fall into?

I wouldn't leave him over as something as silly as him not having viable sperm.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. My beautiful mate and I have talked about it, but considering you never know whether you will want them in the relationship long term it's up in the air. Men need all the control they can get when it comes to who decides when they will be a father.I am a firm believer in that if two people who enter a relationship put all pretenses aside, and are completely honest with each other, it can be a window into the future of their relationship.... So if you fell in love with a man, and years later found out he had a vasectomy, would you let this be a defining factor in your relationship, if you plan to have kids? If he has had a vasectomy, you can pretty much bet that he doesn't want any/anymore children. I'm getting my son a vasectomy for his eighteenth birthday. your one than it wouldn't matter if the roof caved in half of their body .. of course as a couple you would feel very saddened by the fact that you could not create a combination of YOU ..2nd or 3rd date, discuss dreams and what they want in life if they want marriage, kids, etc.and there's the opportunity to say ah, ok well I had a V and have no desire to have children.

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