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The valuation and division of closely held business interests present numerous legal and practical considerations.

Familiarity with the leading expert witnesses and their methodologies for valuation is a must.

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Families with high incomes and valuable assets present complex problems in the event of divorce.

In Virginia, child custody and parenting time decisions are governed by what the statute describes as the “best interests of the child.” In custody cases, the court considers factors such as the age and health condition of the child and each parent, the relationship between each parent and the child, the needs of the child, the role of each parent in the upbringing and care of the child, the reasonable preference of the child, and more.

One of the most challenging issues in a divorce case is how your children will be affected by the outcome.

Usually it is these remedies, rather than the divorce itself, that are the subject of significant dispute.

The law governing what the court can or may do is complex, and the judges who decide family law cases have wide discretion in implementing them.

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