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They excel — and lead — in their respective fields with poise, strategy and savvy. We see these ladies, specifically Nakia, Okoye and Shuri, as whole.However, interracial dating will bring lots of situations, reactions, and issues that you might not face when you are dating white women.Some of the issues are sad, some are funny, but most of them are plain stupid. This one's embarrassing, but some poor misguided folks have dated Funky Brown Chick and morphed into a walking, talking Black Appreciation Parade. She cautions against sticking your foot in your mouth when faced with a differing opinion.In today’s world, white men dating black women is already a common thing.These are some of the things that you need to remember.When you are in an interracial dating relationship, you should appreciate what makes your date special.

Don't say dorky things like "Black women have more flava" or bust into a freestyle rap.3. She says it's okay to cop to never dating a black chick if you want. Again, this could be a general dating tip, but when in the company of a different race it's only natural to have an opposing opinion when discussing certain topics.

Not only will you be disappointed to find out that she doesn’t have any of those attributes, but you will also be harming their feelings as well.

When you are out on a date, remember that you are out with another human being. Spend the time to get to know her better, just like in any other date you have been in the past.

Even if you meant it as a compliment, don’t tell your significant other that she’s pretty, well-spoken, or intelligent for a black woman.

It is as if you are telling her that you think black people are bad, but she is the only exception.

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