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However normally it was only girls from rich families who married young. Poor women tended to give birth about once every two years.

Rich women gave birth more often, perhaps once a year.

So if you refused you to plead a board was placed on you and weights were added to it to force you to do so.

However the unfortunate woman was crushed to death.

Furthermore if a craftsman died his widow often carried on his trade. Some women worked in food preparation such as brewers, bakers or confectioners. Furthermore a very common job for women in the 16th century was domestic servant. However most women were housewives and they were kept very busy.

In the 16th century some women worked spinning cloth. Most men could not run a farm or a business without their wife's help.

Two of Henry VIII's wives, Catherine of Aragon and Catherine Parr were well educated. Queen Elizabeth I was also well educated and she liked reading. However towards the end of the 16th century girls spent less time on academic subjects and more time on skills like music and embroidery.

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(Although the executioner usually strangled the woman with a rope before burning her). In the 16th century marriages were usually arranged, except for the poorest people. Legally girls could marry when they were 12 years old. Many women died 'in childbirth' (actually they usually died after giving birth because the midwives hands were dirty and the unfortunate woman became infected).These were: the murder of a man by his wife, the murder of a master by a servant and the murder by a clergyman of his superior.All these were cases where a person murdered somebody with lawful authority over them and were regarded as a form of treason.Obviously they were allowed some time to play but otherwise they were supposed to work e.g. All children, whether male or female and rich or poor were supposed to obey their parents and treat them with respect. A woman who murdered her husband was guilty of petty treason.High treason was of course an offence against the king but certain kinds of murder were defined as petty treason.

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