Dating dance

Once the couples have completed their dance date, they will part still not yet having spoken a word to each other. Will they want to see each other again or was that their last dance?

Self-confessed romantic Ashley Banjo will play cupid using his skills as one of Britain's best loved choreographers.

Every time she moves she will crack in various places so hopefully that doesn't gross you out.

Her feet probably won't be too pretty either, but she'll love you forever if you can get past her blisters and bunions to give her a foot rub.

This doesn't mean she's vain or stuck up though, she looks good when she wants to because she wants to. She has no energy for jealousy and pettiness After long, long days of practicing and conditioning she really does not want to argue with you about stupid things.Accept that she will usually have shows on weekend, and learn to love weekday brunch and lunch dates. She owns a lot of makeup and hair products Sure, maybe she has more liquid eyeliner, hairspray, false eyelashes, setting spray, pancake foundation, heat tools, etc.than your average non-dancer but it's all part of the territory.If you date a dancer you'll end up seeing these shows and movies so much that you actually start to like them.You'll know exactly who Maddie Ziegler and Misty Copeland are too, as well as other dancers that she loves and worships. She will ask you to crack her back/massage her pretty regularly She lives in a chronic state of soreness and will likely need some TLC from you.

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