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“For the first time in my life I considered, in horror, the possibility that I might join that sad parade of famous movie ladies who wind up desperately lonely, with nothing more substantial about them than their scrapbooks and old photos, and memories of romances and divorces.” Adrift, she fell in love with Warren Beatty in the mid-60s.“After my divorce, I was looking for the Rock of Gibraltar.

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This is a March 2016 mug shot for 16-year-old Dillen Murray, who viciously beat 15-year-old Giovanni Diaz to death today in Lake Wales. He could be heard in the background speaking to his father about Diaz.

Instead, I discovered Mount Vesuvius, a live volcano with eruptions each day,” she writes. In fact, we were both so confused that we thought fighting and hostility meant real emotional honesty.” In retrospect, she writes, “I felt that I should be punished for having failed in marriage.

I was trying to punish myself by sticking to a relationship that was going nowhere …” Marilyn Monroe’s death in 1962 also made a big impact.

In the revealing piece, Wood writes about her view of Hollywood, her heartbreak following her divorce from Wagner before they remarried in 1972, her romance with Warren Beatty and her search for happiness.

The daughter of two Russian émigrés, Wood was a child star and her family’s sole financial support from a young age.

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