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Just mark put a heart on those days on your family calendar & tell him that those are nights he should keep open. Think about things your spouse would REALLY enjoy and then use those as your “service” cards! Some other activities I planned for us were a Christmas “Movie-a-thon” & watching all of our FAVs while eating our favorite Christmas treats, checking out the lights at Temple Square , planning a night under the stars , going to the Festival of Trees with his family, etc. This is where you can also involve the whole family!

I typed up all of my different cards & scrapbooked each one. For example, my husband LOVES back scratches and I give super “wimpy” ones… Have a “make a gingerbread house” night or decorate Christmas cookies or go caroling to your neighbors.

The bear had a megaphone , a straight “A” Report Card , a journal with a list of boy’s name… The podium & mike represented being on Student Council. After all the kids opened our ornaments, we would place them on the tree and sing a few Christmas songs.

You can imagine what that tree looked like after a few years! I would rather receive a hand-written love note from my sweetheart than a diamond necklace. It’s the things that you can’t touch that mean the most to me.

Need some allergy-free candy ideas for your child's classroom? Here's some common candy you can buy from the store for Valentine's Day, Halloween, Easter, or whenever!

Thanks to the rise in food allergies, even if your child does not suffer from food allergies, chances are with the odds, there is one (or two! So, what do you send to school for your child’s Valentine’s treat?

Next to each number I wrote one of three things:, so make sure to keep some of your weekend nights open. Let them know how much you adore the funny quirks that only YOU know about! I also don’t love to cook, so I made the ultimate sacrifice and told him I would create ANY dessert he wanted. Remember that December is going to be a CRAZY busy month for you… 🙂 LAST but not least are the actual FUN Christmas activities that you will do together.

I would let him know in advance what particular nights you have “set” plans. 🙂 Feel free to throw some of your inside jokes on the cards! I had so much fun reflecting on our years together and jotting down the things I loved about him. I chose to keep them all a secret and use the cards as “teasers”. There are SO many fun Christmas things you can do together!

I am married to my best friend, addicted to crafting & coming up with creative dates for my sweetie & me, AND I blogging with some of my closest friends. On The Dating Divas website, we are all about creative ideas that will help strengthen our relationships. I love the reason behind why we celebrate it, I love the smells, I love the decorations, I love an excuse to get presents for others, I love how people are thinking about others during this time, I love the lights, I love the food…. Afterwards, each child would get to open a small present from my parents. Oh no, they were ornaments that represented an accomplishment that you had achieved that year.

I think your spouse would be , this was one of our most “commented on” Christmas decor!!

All of our friends and family LOVED not only the idea behind this but how festive it was and how it completely dressed up our entryway!

Cuz ya know, Christmas isn’t I grabbed a spool of beautiful cherry red ribbon, 25 clothespins, and some removable clips that you can put on your walls without ruining them.

They are pretty cheap and you can purchase them anywhere – I got mine at Walmart.

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