Dating for cancer survivor

Premium membership allows for more profile options and user interactions.

The process of making new connections, and maybe even love interests, can be both exciting and a self-confidence booster, which especially holds true for cancer patients.

Like other social networking sites, the member profile allows you to display your photos, videos, interests and location.

There are also several features that allow members to communicate with one another including private chat, email and public forums.

Check out these online dating sites dedicated to helping cancer patients and survivors find everything from support and friendship to love and marriage.

Cancerpatientmingle was founded to help cancer patients, survivors and others find happiness at a crucial time in their lives through meaningful, real-life relationships or companionship.

You can then utilize built-in communication services to live chat with a person or group, post an event or promote other members' events, create and lead your own live chat support group, or write your own blog.

2date4love was founded by a cervical cancer survivor on August 1, 2011.

When is the best time to tell your partner about a cancer diagnosis?The site explains how diving back into the dating pool after treatment can give the spark needed to kick start a post-cancer life.“This journey hasn’t been easy but you have made it through and are stronger for it now,” the site notes.But once you’ve established trust and friendship, tell your new partner about your cancer and treatment so your relationship can be based upon honesty, confidence and acceptance. However, If a partner rejects you because of your diagnosis, they are probably not the type of person you want in your life.A healthy, quality relationship should be formed with someone who accepts you as you are.

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