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They released their first album in 1976, but it was their third, Parallel Lines, that turned the band into worldwide stars.One of the tracks, ‘Heart of Glass’, became their first number-one hit in 1979: ‘It was a song about relationships – about how they start off good and then go bad,’ says Debbie.Lulu had more of a Broadway voice and I really liked her vivaciousness.’It was while Debbie was in the Stilettos that she met art student Chris Stein, then 23 to her 28.He photographed her nude with just a guitar for company for Punk magazine, the couple became lovers and then they eventually formed Blondie, with Stein as guitarist.They broke up in the early 80s (in part because Chris Stein, the band’s guitarist and Debbie’s then lover, contracted a serious illness), got back together in 1997, and their new album, Panic of Girls, is their first since The Curse of Blondie eight years ago.The reasons for such a lengthy lay-off were many: ‘I went and did a solo album, Necessary Evil [in 2007], and Chris had two little girls [he married in 1999] and so he needed to dedicate his time to raising a family,’ says Debbie.Her hair is still platinum blonde, with the pince-nez slung around her neck the only obvious concession to advancing years, and she still manages to exude an effortless cool.

As I got older, I realised the differences between us – I knew that I was an artist, and although my parents were interested in the arts, they didn’t work in the arts.If you’re going to have an intimate relationship, it’s a given that you’re going to have good sex. ’ Debbie grew up in a middle-class suburb of New Jersey, the daughter of Richard and Catherine Harry (both now deceased), who ran a gift shop.But on the other hand, you can’t really get everything from one person – that’s why we have friendships.’ And would Debbie, who’s never married, ever consider it? ‘I grew up in an era when marriage vows were very limited, so I just thought that the whole thing was a bad deal. They adopted her at three months and told her of the adoption when she was four years old.‘No, it doesn’t ever get boring,’ she laughs, ‘so feel free.The icon thing, though…it’s actually a word that’s completely overused.

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