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In 1958, de Vries showed that baffling anomalies in the carbon-14 dates, observed by Willard Frank Libby for Egyptological samples, were in fact systematic anomalies on a global scale, represented in the carbon-14 dates of tree rings.This phenomenon has been called the "de Vries effect".Different sources give very different dates in some cases.The list below does not include all the different opinions about when the change took place.

This could be achieved by dropping one leap year from the Gregorian calendar every 4000 years, which would make years divisible by 4000 non-leap years.This bull is named “Inter Gravissimas” after its first two words.In the Gregorian calendar, the tropical year is approximated as 365 is achieved by having 97 leap years every 400 years.Changes in the 1800s required 12 days to be dropped.Changes in the 1900s required 13 days to be dropped.

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