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However, at the age of 33, the slate is wiped clean – and there’s a tacit agreement from all sides not to mention any history.

If all else fails, go ‘frum’ If all options, exes and Cuban heels are exhausted – there’s one final card to play: to turn religious (go ‘frum’).

Six months later, she has stuck around for many more lovely nights and introduced a word to my vocabulary I though I’d never use again: ‘girlfriend’. I’ve learnt that it takes persistence, it takes a thick skin and it takes women to be prepared to make the first move sometimes.

But the main thing I’ve learned is that you just need to meet the right person for you. Moses got off lightly trudging back down the Mount Sinai with a mere ten commandments.

When planning a date, don’t be too clever Date number two was an out-of-my-league corporate lawyer.

I tried to impress by taking her to In the Realm of the Senses – a subtitled Seventies film at the BFI. Our planned post-movie dinner vanished as she inched away from me.

Not even knowing how many kisses on a text counted as flirting. I had no idea of the carnage to be found out there, but here’s what I discovered…Then, at a do, to my astonishment, I find the woman from my party: the one who started this whole nightmare off, standing right in front of me, flashing me a megawatt smile.I almost fluff it again, but fortunately she takes matters into her own hands and kind of asks me out herself, via the medium of Facebook.It’s not an interview First dates that turn into formal interviews are just a bit of a libido-killer.Questions I’d suggest that are best avoided include: How old were your grandparents when they died? And would you want any sons you have to be circumcised? Easy on the Diet Coke For a religion that mandates its people drink wine every week, it’s fair to say that Jews aren’t actually the biggest boozers around.

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