Dating horseshoes Mujeres web cam free

JPG I'd say your shoe is about a size 1, which would be a light horse, it's not a mule shoe.

Being a light horse doesn't preclude it from being used in a team farming the field or making hay.

I've come up with one good site, but it doesn't have the shoe I found. It seems to me it would be very hard to date a horse shoe. I don't know when it became possible to buy already made horse shoes, but I'd bet that it was in the late 1800's, or perhaps even by the civil war.

I'd think this shoe was fairly modern, but I found it about a foot down in a hay field that was utilized in the 1700s, and I'm told in the 1960s the top 6 inches of the field was scraped. Hand made shoes might help date it as older, but I've made hand made shoes thirty years ago, so how much would that help.

this was found 6 inches down: And for the fun of it, here's a shoe we found that hangs above our door.

This shoe was found in a different location: I haven't tried to clean up the shoe yet, but I might give it a shot tonight. here's the link I got from a friend regarding horse shoe dates:

When us kids would spend a couple weeks in the summer with my grandparents, I can remember many mornings being wakened by the sound of his hammer hitting the anvil in his shop next to the house. Al I've found several in civil war camps and they tended to (when really cleaned up) have deep pitting over the entire shoe.I've never found anything that old, and I reckon I'd give it a special place in my treasures if I'd found it. Here's why: The field I found it in is a hay field ...Looking at the pictures on the URL you provided, realizing that the shoe you found is almost worn in two, I'd say it most closely resembles the one from 1750, which from the looks of it I'd say the chances are pretty good that it goes that far back, somewhere between the civil way and the mid 1700's. simply cut 2 to 3 times a year and left to grow in.A shoe that has been on the foot long enough for the toe to wear that badly, will get very loose, and if the field is muddy, the mud will pull it off, which could have got it started being burried, pulled off the foot about 6 inches under ground, just like you getting into mud and having your shoe pulled off.Judging by the amount of rust if nothing else, I'd say it goes way back over a hundred years, my guess is probably back to civil war time and perhaps before.

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