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Not for Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B.Anthony This site from PBS offers an overview of the lives of these two remarkable women and the 19th century women's movement.The Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America "The Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America documents the lives of women of the past and present for the future and furthers the Radcliffe Institute's commitment to women, gender, and society." "Black Domestics During the Depression: Workers, Organizers, Social Commentators" This article by Phyllis Palmer describes how New Deal agencies recorded women's lives, livelihoods, and struggles.Civil War Women Duke University's online archival collection containing digitized manuscripts that illustrate the activities of three women during the Civil War.Women & Politics Institute Located at American University in the School of Public Affairs, "The mission of the Women & Politics Institute is to close the gender gap in political leadership." The site features Election News, Ballot Box Monitor, and Sunday Morning Monitor.Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000 The Women and Social Movements web site is a project of the Center for the Historical Study of Women and Gender at the State University of New York at Binghamton.Women of Protest: Photographs from the Records of the National Woman's Party This Library of Congress web site "presents images that depict the tactics used by the militant wing of the suffrage movement in the United States - including picketing, petitioning, pageants, parades and demonstrations, hunger strikes and imprisonment - as well as individual portraits of organization leaders and members." The Women’s Rights Movement, 1848—1920 A historical essay from the History, Art & Archives division of the United States House of Representatives.

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The 19th Amendment This NARA web site gives a brief description of events leading up to the ratification of the 19th amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees all American women the right to vote.Also includes information on teaching the history of women's rights; selected essays, articles, and original documents; biographical information; and suggested reading lists.Suffrage History This web site is maintained by the University of Rochester, Susan B. It provides a brief history of the suffrage movement, along with links to biographies, a timeline, and a description of the Women's Rights Convention.Full text versions of diaries, letters, and newspapers offer insight into life for African American women in the South.African American Women Writers of the 19th Century From the New York Public Library's Digital Schomburg Collection, this site offers a searchable full-text database of 52 published works by 19th-century black women writers and provides access to the thought, perspectives and creative abilities of black women as captured in books and pamphlets published prior to 1920.

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