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She told him that her rent check would be late, as she was no longer working at the magazine.Nelle revealed that she had been let go for no good reason, and she proceeded to blame her firing on Maxie. She was behind in her bills, and she told him about having to wait for her paycheck.Michael advised her that waiting was standard, but he knew that Maxie was "pushy. Michael told her that it was okay for her payment to be late, and Nelle called Michael "too nice.She seemed distracted, and she admitted that she had been thinking about the man who had Jason's old face.Lulu revealed that her next job wouldn't be in fashion; she'd always had dreams of being an investigative reporter.She thought it would be tough, and she would not be able to compete with the younger people just out of college.Michael thought that they could be civil to one another, and he hoped it wasn't him who had ruined her day.Nelle admitted it wasn't him, and the couple moved over to a table to sit.

She asked him to drop the charges against the mystery man and explained that if it really were Jason, he'd have had no idea of what had transpired during the past several years.

Maxie had Lulu's engagement gift for Laura and Kevin that she'd managed to pick up for Lulu.

Maxie revealed that her new article was different for her, and she showed Lulu the piece about Ask Man Landers and his wife. Maxie admitted that she had exaggerated parts of the article, including the part about Maxie being the one to inspire her husband to write.

Alexis explained that her visit was urgent, as Olivia's brother Julian had been targeted and beaten while in prison.

Nora didn't see where she might be able to help, but Alexis thought that Olivia might.

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