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There are free museum tours every Saturday and Sunday.Read more Address: Mc Cormick Hall, Princeton, NJ 08544, 609-258-3788 Atlanta, GA: Things to Do in Atlanta, Getaways from Atlanta, When to Go, Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta to Savannah, Zoo Atlanta, Callaway Gardens, Atlanta Botanical Garden With more than 200 performances every year in theatre, music, dance, and all kinds of special event, Mc Carter Theatre Center for the Performing Arts is one of the most active American cultural centers.

Princeton (10-23) plays around 35 regular-season games – a far cry from the 100-plus games in a minor-league season.“This is the best day we’ve had all year,” said Boone, a freshman second baseman on the Tigers baseball team. I had been waking up in the morning to 25 degrees.” For a young man raised in San Diego, this day was on the low end of the weather he is used to, but it allowed him to go out comfortably in shorts and a T-shirt.Still, the climate is just one of the things Boone doesn’t mind trading for an Ivy League education – along with being across the country from his family and taking the collegiate pathway that, he hopes, will result someday in his becoming a fourth-generation major league baseball player.Mc Carter was established in 1930, and ever since, they have had strong commitment to introducing new works to the theatre, reimagining classical repertoire and attracting the best performing artists of the world to Central New Jersey.Mc Carter has highly active community and school education programs that have achieved wide acclaim for their high quality, diversity, and originality.

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