Dating in solomon islands

It is also believed the early settlers originated from Mt.Kolovrat (Alasa'a),the highest peak on the main Malaita Island.The event was the taking of Captain Mackenzie's head, Captain Mackenzie, at that time, being master of the Minota....As we sailed in to Langa-Langa on the shore side of the lagoon, was Binu, the place where the Minota was captured a year previously and her captain killed by the bushmen of Malaita, having been hacked to pieces and eaten" (p 135) "He (Mackenzie) believed in kindness.Certain cultural features or Tambu House (Place of the first settlements) are still preserved which attest to the settlement patterns that were made.From the 1870s to 1903 Malaitan men (and some women) comprised the largest number of Solomon Islander participants in the indentured labour trade to Queensland, Australia and to Fiji.In 1893 then Gibson of HMS Curacoa (1854) sailed around the islands to declare a protectorate with the only opposition by the Laulasi villagers who refused the British flag.When Gibson asked why the flag was refused, the villages were afraid that their acceptance of it would signify to the bush people that by aligning themselves with Britain the lagoon dwellers were preparing for war and this would lead the bush people discontinuing trade with the lagoon people, who had no gardens and were dependent on food.

We towed out with a whaleboat and ran along the coast to Langa Langa, a large village of salt-water people built with labour on a sand bank – literally built up" The Langa Langa/Wala and Kwara'ae people more or less have the same cultural and traditional practices and follow the same chiefly system.

The 1870s were a time of illegal recruiting practices known as Blackbirding.

Malaitans are known to have volunteered as indentured labourers with some making their second trip to work on plantations, although the labour system remained exploitative.

The rifles with which the boat's-crew should have been armed, were locked up in his cabin. The burning of the vessel was somehow prevented by the black crew, but this was so unprecedented that the owner feared some complicity between them and the attacking party.

When the whale-boat went ashore after recruits, he paraded around the deck without even a revolver on him. However, it could not be proved, and we sailed with the majority of this same crew.

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