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Cuddy, frustrated with House's lack of a work ethic, decides to go to extreme measures to get House back into the habit of working in the clinic.Plot: A 16-year-old boy comes to the hospital complaining of double vision and night terrors after being hit in the head by a lacrosse stick.When House fumbles the initial diagnosis, the patient tires of being a guinea pig just as House feels he has found the right answer.Meanwhile, new hire Eric Foreman tries to get used to working with the world's most difficult diagnostician.House's best (and only) friend is the hospital's Head of Oncology, James Wilson, who, unlike House, is conscientious and considerate, but also extremely loyal to House.He has recently hired Eric Foreman, who, despite his considerable academic background, appears to have been hired because he was a juvenile delinquent.She thinks he is totally unfeeling until House's ex-girlfriend Stacy Warner shows up, begging House to treat her husband.House successfully does so and finds himself in a position of letting his ex-girlfriend work at the hospital.

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After a near-fatal hallucination and several faultydiagnoses, House is mystified until he learns the boy's true paternity.Plot: While dodging Cuddy in the emergency room, House runs into the son of a schizophrenic woman who has been diagnosed with alcoholism.Intrigued by her schizophrenia and the fact she has a condition she's too young to get, he takes her case and finds multiple problems.Sela Ward, who would return as the main recurring character of season two, appeared in the final two episodes as Stacy Warner, House's former girlfriend. We are introduced to the brilliant, famous but extremely exasperating Gregory House.We learn that despite his considerable intellect and talents as a physician, he does next to no work at the hospital, merely coming in from 9 to 5 to oversee his three teaching fellows.

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