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I had heard about Duolingo a while ago, but until recently I hadn’t paid too much attention to it. These are my honest opinions.) If you’re not familiar with Duolingo, it’s a language learning website and app.I had tried several other online language learning platforms and hadn’t been too impressed with them, so I wasn’t expecting much this time. It offers courses (as of this writing) in Spanish, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, and Italian.

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Also, you still have access to those lessons, so you can always go through and do them on your own.You’ll be doing “crowdsourced” translation, in which you view others’ translations and vote on whether they’re accurate, and also provide revisions or original translations of your own.You can jump in and get started on your own, but I discovered that it’s best to go in with a certain mindset and to make sure you do a couple things in the program that I think are essential.I’m sure that you could nitpick Duolingo’s language teaching methodology. If you were to read, or watch TV, or speak with a friend, or take a class, you’d have a hard time becoming fluent. And if you were to try to use Duolingo and Duolingo alone, would you learn a new language fluently?

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