Dating owens illinois glass

The problems of modern life are so many and so great that children cannot learn all that should be known of their immediate environment from direct experiencing. It, therefore, becomes the business of the school to collect, to organize and to present the neecssary[sic] facts to develop in the child a clear understanding and appreciation of the life of his native city.The magic and mystery of glass is shrouded in the myths of the past.Glass was known before the emergence of recorded history.Whether it was discovered in this way or not, surely the first glass makers had little idea of the importance of their discovery. After so long a time, early man found whenever a certain kind of sand was heated enough it always melted into a thick glue-like mass which could be molded into many different shapes, and which became hard, brittle and transparent when it cooled.The first traces of glass have been found in Egyptian tombs, dating from about 4,000 B. Glass beads were buried with the mummies of old Egyptian kings, which tells us that it must have been a very precious and valued material, even in those days, since it apparently was used only by the rulers and rich men. (1) transparent-something through which one can see.If you are using electric lights, the light falls on this paper only after passing through at least one layer of glass, and very likely two.If you have defective vision and need help to see to read, your eyes are probably behind glass, and almost everything you see is seen through a thin layer of this substance which was first discovered such a long time ago, but which is still amazing us with its usefulness and adaptability (2).

During the past quarter century newer methods of manufacturing and new uses for glass have stimulated phenomenal growth within the indusry[sic].Precious ornaments and valued trinkets made from glass are often found in the tombs of ancient peoples.As an industry it is closely associated with the manufacturing of earthen wares.In later years companies were formed by men interested, first, in making the glass products which people used (See Picture 2), and second, in making tests and experiments in laboratories in order to discover new ideas for using glass, and new methods of producing the things which people had already accepted.Two of these early companies in the United States were the Owens Bottle Company and the Illinois Glass Company. was mostly interested in the making of glass bottles.

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