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The result was waterlogging of the soil, crop destruction, and famine.Because the watershed between the Huang and Huai rivers is almost imperceptible, the Huang He has radically changed its course several times in the last three millennia, flowing to the sea first south, then north of the Shandong Peninsula.The Tongbai range is separated from the Funiu by a gap some 75 to 100 miles (120 to 160 km) wide cut by the Tang and Bai rivers, which are tributaries of the Han River.This gap gives easy access from the Henan Plain to the central basin of the Yangtze River (Chang Jiang), a route much used from Han times onward in Chinese expansion southward. Until fairly recent geological times the mountains in the west formed the coast of a sea that, essentially, was the western extension of the present Bo Hai (Gulf of Chihli) and Yellow Sea.

There are large areas of bleak, white saline sands.

In 1949 the Huai basin became the communist regime’s first large water-conservancy program.

Six dams were quickly built in the upper reaches of Huai tributaries in Henan.

Since 1957 more than 20 large dams, including those at Xianghongdian, Meishan, and Foziling, have been built.

Dikes were strengthened, with the result that no serious disaster has since occurred.

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