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It is important to understand "Map codes" to be able to quickly date maps published by H. There can be different map codes on each sub-map that is part of the overall map.

Map codes are in very small numbers and letters and are located on the bottom line of each map.

If you are a map seller, I recommend that you include both the "Map Code" and the "Small Map Code" in the auction, so that any knowledgeable collector will know exactly what you have.

Whilst most county maps were included within Atlases that had dates on them - on their frontispieces if not on every map - maps published as individual counties or areas within covers frequently have no obvious date on them. Founded in 1911, it has had at least 5 addresses: 1911 . As part of the "Map Code" you will see a three digit number that changes every few years, this is the map base code, I assume it was revised each time they made a major revision to the map format, you will see the Colorado map base codes are as follows: Many of the Gousha "Map Codes" include the letter J or JC.I don't know the meaning of these letters, but they can sometimes confuse dating maps by map code. 1909 31 Henrietta Street, London, as well 1878 20 Bernard Terrace, Edinburgh 1924 12 Newington Road, Edinburgh Trading names: 1808-10 Turnball & Gall 1823-24 Hay, Gall & Co 1841-47 James Gall & Son 1847-48 James Gall & Co 1849- Gall & Inglis The M. YY) code in very small print is generally somewhere on the map or in the index of places (eg CD. It has had at least 3 addresses: 1939 (or earlier) .

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