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We do not look only through scammers lists (we have our own scammer list also where people can register scammers) but also see through their contrivance It is easy for scammers - to change names, photos, email addresses.

But some things they can't change and we follow them to guard you from them. 'Russian Woman' safeguard you from scammers that are known, we use also our anti-scam program for this for scammers who just change photos, address and name and try to register again.

It becomes popular beginning of communication also. They choose funny and attractive postcards and send them to women.

Especially when it is a holiday it is a good occasion to send them.

The more you delay your visit to your girl the more chance that the relationship will go down (they can't just stand on one point, the relationship need to go up and make better or they need to go down and make worse).

If you put your photo to photo rating then you will get notification each time somebody puts the highest mark to your photo.

What women hate most is the thought that you phone to tens women and do not remember even their names.Women can be active, but they want you to initiate contact.Most of the information is written in your profile. It can be rather traditional: I like you, do you like my profile. If you want to be slower in your approach send the Russian girls on the site postcards or ice-breaks.That's why many women reply less gladly when they do not know when a man can come.Choose the women with whom it is easy for you to communicate, with whom you never miss words.

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