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Ray explained to the Council the driver no longer worked for him.The police then made contact to notify Ray that the legal entity of Parnham Coaches was under investigation in relation to the council’s investigation into the driver.Drivers were in tears basically when I told them we were closing. They said if I started up again they would come back.” Ray has now got planning permission to build a housing estate on the land his depot occupies.Assisting Ray in the case was CPT’s South Western Regional Manager, John Burch, who said: “I’ve known Ray a long time and know Parnham to be a fine operation.

Ray said: “We lost around £100,000 of revenue through it and I’ve spent a lot on lawyers to get nowhere with it.

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Following this, Hampshire Council withdrew all of the operator’s school contracts. Hampshire County Council also wrote to other education establishments and private schools, warning them not to make use of Parnham Coaches.

The driver found to be recording inappropriate footage of children received a custodial sentence for his actions.

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