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For many children, exposure to domestic violence may be traumatic, and their reactions are similar to children's reactions to other traumatic stressors.

Children’s immediate reactions to domestic violence may include: Exposure to domestic violence has also been linked to poor school performance.

READ MORE Real Consent is an online training program for sexual assault prevention that is aimed at educating college-aged men.

The program is modeled after Alan Berkowitz’s Men’s Workshop.

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The bystander model includes tools and ideas for action and strongly encourages each person to make a difference." (Gibbons & Evans, 2013, page 5)"Empathy-based programs give participants the skills to understand sexual violence, provide compassionate responses to disclosures, and reduce the likelihood of sexual assault perpetration by males." (Gibbons & Evans, 2013, page 4)"These programs address common misconceptions and myths about circumstances, causes, and realities of sexual violence.Children may learn that it is acceptable to exert control or relieve stress by using violence, or that violence is in some way linked to expressions of intimacy and affection.These lessons can have a powerful negative effect on children in social situations and relationships throughout childhood and in later life.While the number of children exposed to IPV remains staggering, services are available to those in need as the issue of childhood exposure to IPV becomes more visible.Not all children exposed to domestic violence are affected equally or in the same ways.

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