Dating winds of wander

Envy can open up doors you never saw or were afraid to walk through before.

Jealousy can lead you to treasure things and people you might have taken for granted. Marcia Reynolds, Psy D, coach and author of Wander Woman: How High-Achieving Women Find Contentment and Direction, teaches classes worldwide on emotional intelligence and leadership. Reynolds at experience a lot of envy of my friends who got to live a full life after high school.

Even though I kept an A average in high school, my parents took no interest in my education, nor did they do anything to help me help myself.

I kind of became a lost soul, just being pushed about by the winds of fate, throughout much of my life.

I asked her, "What is it you are saying to yourself when you envy someone else's success? How come I'm not the one who is famous for those ideas?

"She answered with the same questions my brain often screams at me:"I should be the one recognized for that. "If you have similar thoughts, these are great questions to ask yourself.

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AND, I am hoping you are also aware and even grateful for what you have achieved and learned along the way on your own. Today, I am sad I lost that time but I am also aware how "street smarts" helps me accomplish the work I do for others. I think when I naturally feel the emotion and recognize it I set my self up to get what I want.

It may not turn out to be exactly what I want but it definitely propels me in a way I never would've done before recognizing that emotion.

Envy drives me to do more, get more and satisfy myself more.

Then instead of working to achieve more, you justify the reasons for staying in an inferior situation.

I had a conversation with a coaching client about professional envy.

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