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A church was later built on the site of the temple during the Byzantine period.(Archaeologists are re-excavating the entrance area to Caesarea as part of a large renovation to make it into a much larger attraction, including the restoration of its 2,000-year-old synagogue.) Ten years of archaeology at Tel Gezer wrapped up in 2017. The Merneptah destruction affirms the inscription on the Merneptah in the Cairo Museum, which states: “Gezer has been captured; Yano’am is made non-existent.The clay sealings date from roughly the time of King Hezekiah (700 B. Archaeologists believe this is evidence that refugees from the northern kingdom of Israel found their way into senior positions in the southern kingdom of Judea.

As part of the Decapolis—the pagan Roman cities mentioned in the gospels—Hippos/Sussita was not a focus of Jesus’ ministry, but many of its people were likely a part of his audiences (Matthew ).Its discovery highlights the centrality of the Temple Mount in Jewish history and Roman control of the Jewish holy city.The theater was discovered at the bottom of eight excavated courses of Western Wall stones, 26 feet below Warrens Arch and the current level of the Western Wall plaza.Smaller than the typical Roman theaters seen today at Caesarea and Betshean, this theater could seat about 200 people.It may have been meant for entertainment, or perhaps for government meetings.

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