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Once Nora discovers this she and Justin carry out a secret paternity test and after it comes back positive decide to tell Sarah the truth, but after Sarah admits this doesn't change her feelings and wants to nothing to do with him Nora decides not to tell Brody.After Sarah discovers that Brody is her father he comes to win back Nora.Due to the events of the previous season, Nora hasn't been giving her opinions and advice to her family.This causes Saul to tell her she has lost her voice.Rose's information also makes Sarah temporarily question her paternity, so much so that she gets in contact with Brody who then turns up on Nora's doorstep.Although she is initially reluctant to speak to him she finds herself enjoying his company until she realizes the reason she left him in the first place was because of his inability to commit.

Additionally, Kerris Lilla Dorsey and Maxwell Perry Cotton, the actors who portray Sarah Walker's children, Paige and Cooper, respectively, were downgraded to recurring status.The fifth and final season of Brothers & Sisters premiered on September 26, 2010 and concluded May 8, 2011.Season five takes place one year after the events of the season four finale "On the Road Again".Nora ends the season looking over her new extended family happy with her life. Robert survived the accident, but has been in a severe coma and Kitty refuses to leave his side, convinced he'll wake up, despite the rest of the family's doubts.She finally decides to say goodbye at the end of the first episode.

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