David briggs dating scammer

Scammers using email are always tweaking and improving upon their techniques so they can increase the percentage of people they trick into giving up their money and/or goods.

In a way, artists are not a new target for scammers.

If you want to spread the word, just send people to this page for the information and I will keep it updated.

This listing is just one more collection point of close to 2000 Nigerian Advance Fee Scammer names which have been compiled.

They are inevitably aliases ( with some exceptions ) but this page will act as an entry point for web searchers to the main section starting at Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud.

Please note that many names listed belong to upstanding, reputable, notable, dignitaries and other professionals who have had their names used, without their knowledge or consent, to perpetrate this fraud.

is a target for scammers and there is just an increase in the customization of their emails for different audiences.

In the case of artists, it is often that they have found you somewhere online - your website or your participation in a message board community or someplace where they can then send you an email.

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