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On May 1st, Jones plans to create a personal vlog to thank all his interpreter friends via Facebook.

"I think every interpreting agency should give their interpreters gift cards for coffee shops or gas, because they use it all the time to get through their days," Jones added.

” "I think it would be a cool idea perhaps to try to convince people in the Deaf/Interpreting community to change their profile pictures maybe to the "I love you" (! /) handshape or maybe to the interpreter sign much like people did recently in support of LGBT rights.” Speaking of social media ...

Terp Appreciation Idea #3: Harness the power of Facebook, vlogging No need to put a specific terp on the spot (some are private about their jobs), but doling out general praise to interpreters is sure to add lift their spirits.

“I have been using interpreters since elementary school and have witnessed so many incidents where both hearing and deaf/HH people don't always show their appreciation to the interpreters when interpreters work hard to help both parties to communicate,” said Joshua Jones, a deaf-blind Seattle local who started the Official Interpreter Appreciation Day Facebook page last year.On Urban Dictionary, definitions for a terp include a "turtle who is a pimp" and a nickname for the University of Maryland's mascot (terrapin).But in Deaf Community, a terp is something else entirely - and near and dear to our hearts. Let us count the whys: Just how often do you get to tell your interpreter(s) all this?“That got me wondering if we even had some kind of formalized interpreter appreciation day, so I looked it up online.” He discovered that despite there being an international interpreter appreciation day (recognizing translators of foreign languages), it was not recognized in the USA.Without further ado, let's dish on ideas your sign language interpreter is sure to appreciate: Terp Appreciation Idea #1: Educate your friends, families, and policymakers about sign language interpreters.

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