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Miles is addicted to marijuana and so Tristan organizes an intervention– but will it only push Miles further away?

Zoe is certain that Hunter is the anonymous blackmailer behind Degrassi Nudes and the Power Cheer team confronts him directly.

Maya is debilitated by her nightmares of Cam and worries that Miles will hurt himself — does she need professional help?

Jack reveals to Imogen that she practices polyamory and Imogen tries to accept Jack’s way of life.

Maya fears Miles is going down a destructive path and searches for ways to help.

Meanwhile, Becky is determined to get over Drew and turn a new leaf.

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After Tristan stages an intervention for Miles, Miles pulls away and Tristan fears their connection is fading.

Meanwhile, Clare tells Alli a secret about her pregnancy– but can Alli keep the news to herself?

Zoe seeks revenge after Becky won’t let her join the Power Cheer team.

Meanwhile, Miles and Tristan are dating, but a disapproving Mr.

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