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She was lying out on her bed almost completely naked, wearing nothing but a frilly lace push up bra and an extremely small thong just barely big enough to cover her little patch of bush.

She took a hit from her cigarette and blew it out and said “What do you think baby?

She had only been jerking him off for about a minute when suddenly he tensed up and took a deep breath.

Then he came, cum gushing out of his cock and flowing over her hand.

Jake is fully into his fantasy and doesn’t hear her open the door She walks into the house thinking no one is home, so she lights up another cigarette as she puts down her purse.

Downstairs, his mom pulls into the drive way as she is just getting home from work.

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He jerks back, and she yanks her hand back “Is there something wrong? “Not at all, you surprised me.” “Keep going.” He demands She pushes her hand back between his ass cheeks and starts to finger his eager little asshole.

After she takes off her shoes she heads up stairs to change out of her work clothes.

She steps into her room and takes off her top, then she hears something in the other room.

Jake has always had a weird fantasy about his mom, nothing he would ever act on, but he often thought about her. She scooted back on the bed, and grabbed a hold of his cock with the cigarette in her had she began to stroke slowly up and down.

Once she realized what he was locked onto she slowly slid the straps off of her shoulders, then reached back and unhooked the clasps, letting her huge jugs fall down and bounce out of her bra. Jake let out little moans as she kept moving her hand up and down, and cradling his balls with the hand.

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