Developing validating dissolution procedures

The amount of discard is determined from the results.

mentions the use of solutions made with not more than 5% organic solvent when evaluating Accuracy/Recovery and Linearity and Range.

A dissolution test is really a simple concept; a tablet or capsule is placed into a known volume of media, and as it dissolves the resulting solution is sampled over time, and assayed (often by high performance liquid chromatography [HPLC], but also by spectrophotometry) for the level of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) present.

However, the design, development, and validation of the procedure can be quite involved, especially when one considers that not only must the dissolution procedure be developed and validated, but also any analytical technique used for the assay.

The adsorption of the analyte to the filter may be saturable, meaning that it can only adsorb a certain amount of the analyte.

If that is the case, a specific discard volume of sample solution filtrate can be found that allows subsequent filtrate concentration to be representative of the concentration of analyte dissolved in the sample.

The dissolution procedure has several distinct components.

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