Did alex rodriguez dating madonna

But, before there was this drama and before Jeter got married to Hannah Davis, there were two men who were absolute sluggers when in came to women.The Captain and A-Rod both have a long list of women they dated.😆❤️💪🏽 I’m feeling super low key in Nov and kinda loving it...Thanksgiving: I AM cooking lmao - but @warcraft and sleeping the rest of the day so...When she caught the eye of the superstar shortstop, she was currently modeling for Ok.

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Jeter wouldn’t have been in a bad place either had he have stayed with Guerra, as she even spoke positively about Jeter’s new girlfriend/now-wife Hannah. Elaine Spottswood is a much more lowkey woman, than most of the other women he has ever dated.She’s modeled for these magazines in some of the biggest cities including New York City and Paris.Along with modeling for magazines, she also did some work for Pepsi and Guess Jeans.And for a lot of the women on the list, it’s a pretty impressive bunch.Sometimes athletes aim for quantity, but in Jeter and A-Rod's case, they swung for the fences and hit one out of the park.

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