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If you require any information on travelling to potential problem areas, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has up to date information on its website here.Dependent on where you are travelling, you may or may not require immunisation.At the booking stage, dependent on the holiday, you are given the option to arrange extra baggage allowances.If you have already booked your holiday and you wish to add these options, simply call our customer services team on 0203 6361 985.Once we have received full payment for your forthcoming holiday, ticket confirmation will be sent to you in due course.This will usually be in the form of an ' E-ticket'.You will be required to pay a deposit immediately and you will be given a date to pay the outstanding balance, allowing you to pay for your holiday with as many payments as you wish.If you are booking your package holiday less than 12 weeks before departure, you must pay the costs in full immediately or for Thomas Cook product 14 weeks before departure.

Often on holiday, waiters, taxi drivers, porters and other people offering services will expect a tip because tip money makes up the bulk of their wage.

There is no standard tipping amount, but generally somewhere between 5 and 15% is the norm.

It depends entirely on the airline and pregnant women are advised to confirm with the airline they are flying with.

A lot of resorts in Europe tend to have very good tap water, but it is advisable to drink bottled water if you are unsure of the tap water's quality.

As with eating out domestically, it is advised that you check your food is properly cooked – particularly meats – and has been prepared in a hygienic environment before eating.

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