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VPN clients will not be able to resolve DNS host names on the internal network if they are not assigned a DNS server address by the ISA Server firewall/VPN server.

In most cases, the VPN client already has a DNS server address assigned to it.

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If the resolver is unable to append a domain name, it will forward the unqualified request to the DNS server for resolution.

DNS issues comprise a major portion of connectivity problems related to ISA Server 2000 firewalls and VPN servers.

ISA Server firewall/VPN servers and clients use DNS host name resolution to resolve both internal and external network names.

However, that DNS server address does not resolve names on the corporate network because that DNS server is intended to resolve names on the network the VPN client computer is attached to before connecting to the ISA firewall/VPN server, or to resolve only Internet host names.

The VPN client that cannot resolve internal network names may have been assigned an incorrect DNS server address.

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