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It’s very late, and with the doors being closed for the night, both are forced outside.

Sensing that she’s a bit adrift, Nick becomes the Captain America of chivalry, and upon learning her purse was stolen, which included her wallet and credit cards, he’s determined to help her get home.

READ MORE: Berlin Interview: Richard Linklater Talks Making ‘Before Midnight’ & The 14-Minute-Long Shot But one thing they do talk about a lot is love and fate, fighting for love and finding love.

And it’s here where the movie, without spoiling anything, is curiously old-fashioned.

Not only are her resources gone, but conveniently, Nick’s cell phone has just run out of power, one credit card is overdrawn, the other is expired, and he’s got a limited amount of cash in his wallet.Brooke in particular comes to a conclusion about what she needs to do about her marriage that is not the empowering or romantic notion the screenwriters might think it is, but that may also be because the details of what’s happening between her and her husband are also both cliché and underdeveloped.Meanwhile, when the script isn’t working, Evans turns towards the soundtrack and leans on indie rock when he can (and when the low-budget picture can afford it) to attempt to do some of the emotional lifting.The final indignity committed by “Before We Go” is setting a movie in Manhattan that looks like it could’ve taken place anywhere.For a city that is alive late at night like no other, and offers endless possibilities for unique places for these characters to go, the screenwriters and Evans (perhaps due to budgetary reasons) keep most of the action on anonymous streets, and even less familiar bars (though hey, Cup And Saucer).

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    Other guest stars appearing in this season are Peter Gallagher, who's reprising his role as the flirty businessman, Nick, and Lorraine Toussaint, who'll play Rob and Sol's therapist.

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    What I learned from David in a statement which I will never forget, brought out my “challenger” instincts and it started with a shift in attitude: “How would you act if you knew that beyond the shadow of a doubt she was TOTALLY into you and wanted to be with you, but you weren’t that interested and decided to RELUCTANTLY give her a chance to hang out with you.” We act differently when we believe a certain woman already wants us and I think it’s okay to assume it as long as we’re not overly arrogant about and can inject humor and fun into our interactions with her.

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