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After that, both she and her sister, Jill, were spotted in pants regularly, and even Joy-Anna got in on the act, donning ski pants on her honeymoon.That's not to say that Michelle and Jim Bob have changed their minds about the no-pants rule — none of their daughters who still live at home, including 28-year-old Jana, have been spotted wearing pants…yet.In February 1976, Bill Gothard confessed to the poorly-defined offense of “having ‘defrauded’ staff secretaries.” In a July 1980 meeting of the Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts (IBYC) board, it was confirmed that Bill Gothard was responsible for the “physical and emotional defrauding of several of his personal secretaries.” In February 1981, Bill once again confessed to “physically and emotionally defrauding his personal secretary.” So, what exactly did Bill Gothard confess to on these occasions?To those outside Institute subculture, the term “defraud” brings to mind a financial scam, but, for decades, the Institute’s operational definition of “defraud” has loaded the term with ambiguous sexual connotations.From the IBLP website at To defraud another person is to stir up in them desires that cannot be righteously satisfied.A woman can defraud a man by the way that she dresses, talks, or acts.They can only "side hug" their dates before their wedding day, though they are allowed to hold hands once they're engaged.Jessa's husband, Ben Seewald, explained the rules on : "From the outset of our relationship we had some physical boundaries that we tried to set. Saving the physical intimacy for after the wedding day." Moreover, in order to stay true to their chastity vows, all dates, phone calls, and texts must be overseen by a chaperone, so the first time they are even alone with their spouses is after they say "I Do." Jinger's husband, Jeremy Vuolo, who is a pastor, told While most American women wear pretty much whatever they please (hello, Lady Gaga), in the Duggar family, the females who live under Jim Bob and Michelle's roof only wear dresses or skirts at all times.

By conventional definitions of the word, the only “defrauding” that went on in my case was Bill conning me out of going to college in favor of going to Headquarters for a nonexistent project, so I would join the many other spiritually manipulated young people he uses to fill his emotional needs. rose to fame because of their large and ever-expanding family, which eventually included 19 biological children.Four of Michelle and Jim Bob's adult daughters, Jill Dillard, Jessa Seewald, Jinger Vuolo, and Joy-Anna Forsyth have already tied the knot and are carrying on some of their parents' traditions, which makes their marriages younger., but all of the married Duggar daughters have either expressly said they want to have a large family or that they'll be happy with as many children as God provides.Before her 2014 wedding, Jill told , "Both of us want as many kids as God will give us and we've talked about adoption.

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