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This style of nomenclature started around 1976 or 1977. It is stamped 52041 Dunhill Root Briar on one side. Could someone tell me what year this may be and possibly the value of it? On the bottom it has DUNHILL' S "SHELL" MADE IN ENGLAND PAT.

Pipes prior to that follow different conventions, but the nomenclature generally identifies size, shape, and mouthpiece type, as well as finish, and on 1954 and earlier pipes will usually have a patent number of some sort. The other side is stamped Made in England followed by an underlined 22. Nos 158709/14&209845/21 4thanks john for reply, i listed the pipe wrongly it is a dunhill root briar dr A2c it is a big bent bulldog,with magnificent straight grain ,im told it could have been made in the 40s and would be worth a fare some of $, cheers lindsey .

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The small number to the right of ENGLAND must be a 16, as Dunhill has never used the 10 as a date code. The pipe auctions on e Bay are a good indication of what used pipes are selling for, but you must check the prices of ones that have sold, as the bidding can skyrocket in the last few seconds.The second digit is the mouthpiece type, fishtail IIRC.(Mine are all 2 - saddle, or of a different type of designator.) The remaining digits are the shape number.Perhaps someone else will come forward with that information. Also...first numbers I mentioned in my first post, that are at the far left of the markings...115 F/T and 116 F/T. The pipe with a 3 after ENGLAND without the 3 being underlined and no patent number means the year is 1963. F/T means Fish Tail which has to do with the design of the bit area. I've aquired a Dunhill pipe that I can't find any info concerning it. Without the suffix number and possibly a patent number stamped on the shank, there is no way I know of to date the pipe. It's a nice little pipe & I'm glad to have it. I had five when I worked there; 2 roots, 1 bruyere, 2 shellbriars. There was one year Dunhill made a special 1910 - 1985 Anniversary Pipe that didn't have the white spot. There are also Dunhill pipes not having the original stem but having the white spot ;-)Melvin, thank you for all your helpful responses.There is no stamping on the wood at all; not even a smooth area where it could've been buffed off. a group 3 black shell briar half bent billiard w/ silver flock military bit. The Shells have a smooth area on the "underside" of the shank that extends to the bowl. There are Dunhill pipes with replacement stems not having the white spot. My question about the white dot is actually referring to the 1932 Dunhill that I posted about on September 2nd.

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