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Because she takes her name from the holy hermit, Saint Maron, and she grew and formed around the monastery of “Beit Maroun”, we recognize how monasticism is not merely a part of her identity, as you would find in the other Catholic Churches, but is her core and foundation. Maron, the “Maronite” people grew in their faith around the monastery, and the monastery was at the heart of their spirituality and way of life.

In Lebanon today, where the core of the Maronite Church resides, this monastic reality is easily seen and lived.

In the late seventh century, however, the Christians in this region faced persecution and turmoil. John Maron then led the people into the mountains of Lebanon, now known as the Qadisah Valley, or Holy Valley.

The Patriarchal see of Antioch became vacant, and so the people, in need of a spiritual leader, elected a monk, John Maron, from the monastery of St. It was here that the people began to identify themselves more formally as the Maronite Catholic Church.

They saw a sign down the road for a “Catholic Church,” and that first Sunday they attended Mass at St. Ironically, my parents had just moved to the area from Ft. For sure, they were not in Kansas anymore, but now my father wasn’t sure where they were!

The sign outside the Church said it was Catholic, but this was something completely foreign to my father.

Not too far from Antioch, during the late fourth century, there lived a holy hermit, Saint Maron, who resided on a hilltop in prayer, living a radically ascetical life while seeking union with God.

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First it is important to note that the Catholic Church is comprised of twenty-three Church traditions that each embrace a particular spirituality, cultural identity and liturgical practice, while sharing the same dogmatic faith and unity with the Holy Father in Rome.A few years after they were married my father converted to Catholicism.A couple of years later my father enlisted in the Army, and we began moving all over the world. Bragg in North Carolina, and my parents had just bought a house in Fayetteville.It was not until the arrival of the Crusaders, however, that they were able to reestablish communication with the Holy Father and the Catholic Church at large.Once they were reconnected, the Vatican gave them formal permission to remain in their tradition as the Maronite Church A unique aspect of the Maronite Church is that she is the only Catholic Church who identifies herself with a person other than Jesus Christ.

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