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This may be the best site site of all the best sites for Buddhists, as it offers an opportunity to practice how we deal with unskillful emotions in oursleves, and in others. If a zen master were sitting next to the chief technical officer of Twitter, what would they talk about?

It’s easier being Buddhist in the familar environments of Elephant Journal, Tricycle, or Buddhist Geeks – but what happens when we are confronted with button-pushing unskillful dogma? That sounds like a hypothetical overheared at a bar in San Francisco. This week I'm curating a guest post from Jonathan Mead, a friend who inspires by living life on his own terms and sharing what he can with others.

Now why would the Hammonds agree to this particularly when the handbook of both the Bureau of Land Management and United States Forest Service grazing codes clearly state that federal land permit holders are exempt from liability for fires that occur on their allotment (18 U. The director of the BLM under the Obama administration was Neil Kornze.

Kornze’s father, Larry, has a long history in minerals and currently serves on many boards.

Always thoughtful, always scented by just a whiff of Nag Champa, Tricycle’s online magazine and their blog are where I go when I need a more philosophical moment. Kevin Kelly’s Lifestream Back in the day, Wired Magazine was a mind-bending, thought-provoking hotbed of thinking about how people, technology, and the physical environment intersected.

” I’ve never asked Jonatahan if he’s Buddhist or if he practices meditation, but I do know this: he tests every idea that he comes up with in the lab of his own life, rejects what doesn’t work, keeps what does, then writes about it in a way that makes me feel like I am up at 2AM having an amazing conversation with an old friend. Personally I’d love to see a shirtless Celebrity Buddhist Smackdown between Ethan Nichtern and Waylon Lewis, but I should proabably keep my sordid fantasies to myself.

In any given day, Elephant Journal might write about yoga practice, a consumer boycott, the coolest yoga pants to buy, and the decline and resurrection of a personal meditation practice.

Though it’s tended toward more standard coverage of toys and technology over the last few years, founder Kevin Kelly’s writing about the Technium on his personal blog continues to deliver impactful ideas on a par with Dave Pollard’s.

In his latest post, he proposes that The Technium (his term for the physical world of technolgy) comprises less than 1% of all the physical atoms on earth, yet has an effect perhaps more profound than the other 99%.

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