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Some of these words match complaints of aggression and conduct described by other parties: Road Rage; Menacing; Harassment; Drugs; Disorderly Conduct; Assault.It is the number of common incidents over a duration that needs to be closely scrutinized and should have been given time and attention to a competent investigation in the best interest of the child.In fact, aside from their first two preseason games in 2017, the 49ers have had at least one player kneeling during the national anthem in every game dating to the first game of the 2016 preseason. This time, the vice president of the United States was in the crowd.Vice President Mike Pence attended Sunday's game at Lucas Oil Stadium, at least for a while.And I will continue to say and encourage people to educate themselves on how we got to where we are today because it didn't happen overnight and it's not going to happen overnight to fix these issues.So we're going to keep talking about it."I know that I will keep doing what I feel is necessary to use the platform I have to make those changes.

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The day after his third birthday celebration, with over one hundred friends and family members, little Grayson Vaughn was ripped away from his family by court order.INDIANAPOLIS -- Before Sunday's game against the Indianapolis Colts, the San Francisco 49ers had more than 20 players kneeling during the national anthem with their hands over their hearts and their teammates at their side.It was the second consecutive week the Niners had such a demonstration during the national anthem and the continuation of a long-running line of protests or demonstrations performed by the Niners dating to last year.My legal teams, past and present, are acutely aware that instant access online records are often incomplete and require a due diligence process to validate information accuracy.A closer look at Grayson's biological father would have revealed over 40 encounters he has had with law enforcement as an adult, not including juvenile records.

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