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Our sources have revealed that the actress is currently busy caring of her first born baby and has plans of having a second baby for the time being.

Durance also has a teenage step son from the previous relationship of her husband David.

Now that all eyes are on you more than ever, has there been a particular kiss or love scene that gave you anxiety to sell to the viewers?

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Durance was also ranked as Canada's 50 Most Beautiful People by Canadian Edition Of Hello!

Previously, Durance was married to Wesley Parker from 1996 to 1999.

She began dating actor, director and writer David Palffy in April 2001 and married him on January 8 2005.

On the occasion of ‘Smallville’s two-hour “Absolute Justice” event (Friday at 8/7c, The CW), we invited Erica Durance to preview Lois’ next big scoop and weigh in on the truly super romance currently unfolding on our screens. I asked Brian Peterson this question, and would now like to get your take: What was more difficult, keeping the Clark-Lois romance at arm’s length or now honoring it? It’s always tricky, when you’ve created this kind of angst-filled relationship, to figure out a great way for them to get together.

Your mom’s not within earshot like the last time we talked, is she? So I think it was a lot more difficult figuring out how to honor this relationship.

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