Eunjung and jang woo dating

He was born on April 30, 1989 in Busan, South Korea and has an older sister.

Wooyoung is perhaps the most notable for his role in the boy band 2PM, which is managed by JYP Entertainment.

I really enjoyed his character in smile donghae, and even fall in love with him now on a show ' WGM the Woo Jung Couple also known as C. I watched Woo Jung couple for their 7episodes already...

But he portrayed himself well as likeable and with a soft side of him when he showed empathy towards the guy who was humiliated (dunno that actor's name). He's got the stature and outstanding mention the way he carries his clothes well..perfect.

Lee jang woo is a great actor especially when he play the villain in smile again.i cannot say i like his character there( bad guy ),but he is good..,start to like him in Glory Jane..,fragile tough guy :-P I’ve never enjoyed watching dramas cuz they’re too draggy, but having watched The Partner and then Glory Jane, I’m enjoying them.

I like the way this actor portrayed himself as selfish and mean initially.

His come out in quite a few series, movies for the short amount of time. I also believe he has the ability to play a true sex symbol.... I don't know if you have the right management or not, but someone on your team should be working their asses off for you.

Hope u cb with even stronger role &please3x,stay captivating okay??? with your talent and ability..could be more famous than Lee Min Ho or other actors in your country...people especially Koreans and big networks can recognize that...because you are more than just pretty face...deserve see you in your next drama soon and to be one of the gust in Running man... He can portray different persons as he changes caracters. This man is brilliant in his own way and if given the right role, you'd all see...needs a mature role, not something teen-dreamy I mean after all he is a grown man.

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