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LAS has urged Londoners to take care of their friends and only call 999 for genuine emergencies.

Pauline Cranmer, deputy director of operations, said: “A lot of the increase in demand is from party goers who drink so much they have become ill or injured.“We normally see an increase in demand around 9pm on New Year’s Eve reaching a peak between 1am and 4am on New Year’s Day.

Preparations for the display reportedly began six months ago to guarantee the coordination of the 3,000 fireworks.

The SWR strike is expected to impact services in and out of London’s Waterloo station, which is one of the capital’s busiest hubs and is used by many of the thousands of spectators who attend the fireworks display at the nearby London Eye.Hundreds of thousands of people are making the annual pilgrimage to watch an annual ball drop that marks midnight (5am GMT.)They have been advised to wrap up warm, with the wind chill factor tipped to make temperatures feel more like make it feel like -18C, according to the National Weather Service.But elsewhere in the US, Arctic temperatures are causing celebrations to falter.North Korea’s Pyongyang display outshone that of Japan half an hour earlier.But both were dwarfed by a 10-minute extravaganza on Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour.

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