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Before I visited I hadn’t exactly heard great things about Kota Tua, but considering it still stands as a relic of Jakarta’s colonial past, I had to see it for myself.

I’m trying really hard to make more of an effort to get to know this city before my time here comes to an end.

I haven’t actually been, but I’ve heard nothing but great things about this museum which offers a glimpse into the diverse cultures, colonial history and natural wonders that make up the Indonesian archipelago.

Aside from Monas, the Dutch colonial district of Kota Tua is the one other tourist attraction I was aware of when I first visited Jakarta in 2014.

In the past few months I’ve done a lot to branch out and explore more of this crazy city.

And I’ve been trying my best to visit as many of Jakarta’s top tourist attractions as possible before I move on from this city.

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