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The amount of money demanded helps to filter out those who join dating sites just for fun, games and scams.

Here members are also protected from the fraudsters that are so common in the global dating scene.

And it’s especially cool for people who, like me, spend almost all their time at work and the gym.

And maybe I’m getting old, but in my thirties, I’m no longer motivated to waste my time and money on strange women I meet in the bar on Friday nights who have little to offer in terms of a serious relationship.

So I still could stay in touch with other members at any time of the day and night.

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Your answers to these questionnaires appear in a description on your profile, so you can edit them whenever your preferences change.On the home page, enter the following info in the sign-up form: You will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to click on to finish the process of creating an account.From that moment on, your profile becomes visible to other members, and you start getting e-mail notifications from Victoria Hearts.We are lucky to live in the era of i Phones, Facebook, VR games and online dating.We can have most of our needs satisfied without even getting off the couch or leaving the gym!

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