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Note also that Skype sex is more than masturbating - having someone watch you do it adds a whole new level.It can be arousing, but it can also be daunting, so make sure you know exactly what gets you off in a physical way before you try it on camera. Check out 10 Must-Read Erotic Novels: Classic and Kink Gems for ideas.) Dirty talk isn't necessary, but it can be very helpful in terms of spicing things up.Most importantly, make sure to close and lock your door - unless, perhaps, you’re involved in some sort of voyeuristic fantasy, but that’s for another article.Don't just roll up in sweat pants and weekend hair; prepare for Skype sex as if you were getting ready for a night of romance in real life.Maybe it's a role-playing fantasy, as I mentioned above, or maybe it's a new toy, such as a dildo or a vibrator.

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But short of sleeping with other people, there just aren't that many options.

Fortunately, technology has brought us the next best: video.

If you haven't tried it yourself yet, chances are you know someone else who has.

For many couples, the next stage might be role-playing or fantasy.

Consider exploring a fantasy you’ve always found hot, whether it’s as tried and true as schoolgirl/teacher, or something that appeals to you and your partner on a more personal level.

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