Firefox go list not updating

Step 1: Try turning off and on your Internet/Wifi router and reconnect your device to the Internet Step 2: To test your Internet Connection, you can try to use other devices to open Youtube.(If the other devices face the same problem, then the problem lies with your Internet.) Step 1: Open Chrome. Step 3: Point to More tools, and then click Clear browsing data. Temp File Cleaner will help clean out all the small folders on your computer that house temporary files and other “junk” that can and should be thrown out regularly.Step 1: Shut down and Close all other running audio programs (that includes even another tab in the browser such as your Facebook or Twitter) Step 2: Now restart your browser Step 1: If you are using an audio interface (external sound devices), unplug and then replug them back in. Step 2: Under Sound, video and game controllers, select your sound card.

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Step 3: Check whether the Disable You Tube HTML5 Player extension is enabled. I have got it all laid down here, with the complete 21 simple ways to fix when your You Tube videos loading but not playing.The powerful servers that are being used by You Tube to distribute and consume data, can at times, result in issues like when your You Tube videos loading but not playing.Step 3: You should now see a list of all installed plug-ins. Step 4: The plug-in selected should be immediately disabled and grayed out.(don’t worry, you can always enable it back) I have included a (on disabling all plugins) for you if you are using Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Opera as your search browser. Step 2: Type the following text chrome://extensions into Chrome’s address bar and hit the Enter key.

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