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As I lay there on my back, completely exposed with legs spread as wide as I could open them, on the couch in the saloon of the boat, my wetness running down my ass crack, Sir's less than attractive friend with the great "Fuck Me" voice and the biggest cock I had ever seen just inches from my opening, kneeling over me and telling me he was going to fuck me with that monster. Just a couple days ago I had to attend the celebration of life for an old High School buddy in the same town my Mother in Law and Sister in Law live in.It's a four hour drive so My MIL asked me to stay with her and SIL overnight.Saturday night March 5th, 2016 we went to a local restaurant for dinner. She was wearing a short dress with a coat because of the rain.As we were driving to dinner I was teasing her and running my hand up her dress to her panty covered pussy.Braden let out a horrible moan of pain and pleasure. But slowly his ass formed to my cock and we were enveloped in a steamy shower of ecstasy. I fucked him slow at first but then he demanded me to go faster. I had a few friends let me photograph them and I had tried looking online with disappointing results, that is until I saw an ad placed by a woman named Alicia.

We were quite close to a red light area and as my gf was fairly outgoing sexually i suggested we have a drive around following our food. Maybe one day I will come up with the courage to post some pics ;) In the meantime, I want to share a very hot story/dare with you panty guys out there. We were in the kitchen when her mom called and she sat in kitchen chair as the visited on the fone. My husband an I have been married for 14 years now and we have three children with the oldest one in middle school.

As his tongue was caressing the skin of my rod I felt the cum inside me start to build up.

I knew it was coming but I didn't want to shoot my load just yet, after all, I still had to fuck him.

Ever since I can remember, Braden and I have been best friends. But we especially loved to go to the YMCA and work out.

We would challenge each other's strength to see who could lift the most.

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